What Are The Challenges Facing A Front Desk?

In your hotel, the team at the front desk ensure the smooth running of checking in and checking out of your hotel guests. Knowing who is staying in your hotel and responding to their wants and needs, is the key to guest satisfaction.


An immense challenge that front office staff might face in the hotel industry would be overbooking. Poor communication and organisational skills can lead to a bad reputation for your hotel. The front desk staff need to be able to correct the issue swiftly and effectively.


If there is an issue with a guest’s room, or if the guest has questions about the room, their primary point of contact is the front desk. The front desk staff need to be able to notify the correct personnel in the relevant department to manage services needed.


Front desk staff are responsible for responding to complaints about issues the guest may have. They need to be able to balance empathy for the guests’ situation and determine how best to address it.


When guests are ready to checkout, questions about their bill are handled by the front desk. The front desk staff need to know how to obtain the guests bill to assist the guest as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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