Three Benefits Of Having A CRS Within Your PMS

Managing all your reservations in one place with a central reservation system (CRS) is essential for all hotel, B&B and self-catering industries. Whether you are operating on a small or large scale, all internal teams and departments need to find a cohesive way to work together to create the ideal experience for their guests, which can make the task of manual data organisation time consuming and cumbersome.

This is where a reservation system such as Hop comes to your rescue.

Moving to a reservation system provides hoteliers, B&B and self-catering owners like you with a host of benefits that can improve efficiency and enable you to generate more revenue.

With hotel distribution becoming more and more complex with a wide variety of different channels through which your guests can book, ensuring your CRS functionality within your property management system (PMS) is reliable and delivers the information you need about each reservation is of vital importance.

The 3 Key Benefits Of Having A CRS Within Your PMS

1. Keep Track of Reservations

One major benefit or advantage to using a central reservation system is that it lets you easily keep track of reservations. You can book tables, rooms or personal requirements for guest’s months ahead of time and feel confident that you won’t lose that reservation. It also allows you to keep track of special requests from guests such as food allergies.

2. Save Time and Increase Profits

Saving time and increasing profits is another fantastic benefit to using a reservation system, especially when the system is harnessing the power of a cloud-based solution. Using a cloud-based system ensures that you can access your property management system at any time, even when you are a thousand miles away from your business, making life easier.

Using a solution which ticks every single box, is easy to use and is affordable, means you don’t need to worry about subscriptions to multiple platforms. You can maximise revenue and streamline your operations.

3. Increase Your Occupancy Rate

A third advantage of using a central reservation system is that it can help increase your occupancy rate by turning your website visitors into customers. Giving you the ability to take reservations directly from your own website without any fuss, it can greatly increase your occupancy rate as the majority of customers use the internet when looking for accommodation.

To put it simply, the system reduces confusion, overbooking and unhappy guests and helps to increase revenue.  The team behind our central reservation system are hoteliers, meaning that they know first-hand what General Managers and hotel owners need from a central reservation system. The system has been built to be as simple and straight-forward to manage, no matter your level of experience or knowledge in working with these types of platforms.

Hop’s all in one property management system starts from just £150/month. Contact us today for a free demo.

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