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Staycation boom: what does Britain really think?

After an almost apocalyptic forecast for the hospitality sector earlier this year, the demand for staycations has skyrocketed, but what do Briton’s really think?

  • Dawn Whittle
  • Published on July 5, 2021

After an almost apocalyptic forecast for the hospitality sector earlier this year, the demand for staycations has skyrocketed to record levels which is fantastic news for hoteliers and hospitality businesses, but what do Briton’s really think? Have they returned to their 1950’s and 60’s roots of the British seaside holiday for good or will this ship sail when travel restrictions are lifted?

With concern surrounding holidays abroad, and continually changing foreign travel advice, it’s hardly surprising that UK Residents are looking to stay local this year. But will this trend continue? We wanted to find out what makes Britain tick when holidaying at home to provide hoteliers and hospitality businesses with the insights they need to make future-proof decisions this year - and beyond!

Home Sweet Home

It’s hardly surprising that UK holidaymakers find the convenience of a staycation attractive, the ability to bring friends along and jump into your car instead of onto a long-haul flight is undoubtedly attractive – particularly if you’re bringing along children, including the furry kind! Plus, with the added bonuses of putting money back into our own economy and avoiding quarantine upon return, the Great British staycation is a win-win for many.

Britain’s seven favourite things about the staycation trend are:

- Ability to use own transport (31%)
- Shorter travel time compared to going abroad (24%)
- Putting money into their own country (23%)
- Cheaper than going abroad (20%)
- Being able to explore places close to home (19%)
- Not having to worry about travel insurance (19%)
- More easily being able to go with family and friends (18%)

Most of the respondents had multiple thoughts on the pros of a staycation.

Simple fixes like citing easy travel routes, offering discounts for bringing along a friend, or emphasising the importance of supporting local economies, could set you apart from your competitors. So, show off your Great British offering, and spread that message far and wide.

Britain’s biggest concerns

Although many Briton’s are flocking to the seaside this year, it doesn’t come without its concerns. In line with recent media headlines, we found that 37% of UK residents are concerned about rubbish being left in beauty spots and one in four are worried about damage to the countryside.

Respondents also reported some concerns about congestion, availability and cost, with 39% worrying that prices would increase and one in four worrying about availability or having to book a trip far in advance to secure a booking.

Commenting on the findings, our COO and experienced hotelier, Richard Drummond, said: “With unprecedented demand for a stay in the UK, availability and costs will inevitably shift. Hotel rates need to remain attractive but ultimately must make you profit. So, crafting and executing your hotel pricing strategy requires you to do more than just establish rates for your rooms during particular seasons. The first priority should be forecasting. This way you can predict demand and encourage travellers to book early, then raise rates later if availability drops and demand increases. Of course, here in the UK, it pays to obsess over long-range weather forecasts too!”

“Simple notices both at the hotel and on your social media channels about respecting the environment will be received well by the public too - showing allegiance with your environment never goes amiss, but steer clear of appearing forceful. We want people to enjoy themselves whilst also being respectful so that other guests can enjoy the beautiful surroundings your location has to offer.”

So, swap your jet plane for a Land Rover and your sarong for a cardigan, because this summer is all about staying close to home and celebrating all of Britain’s greatness. Plus, with easier getaways, less travel time and the ability to bring friends along, it’s clear that Britain is falling back in love with its homeland and we’ll be eagerly watching to see if the love affair continues.

Find out more and download the full report here.