Sharon Smith, Hop Sales Director

Meet Sharon, our Sales and New Business Director.

  • Dawn Whittle
  • May 19, 2021
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Meet Sharon, our Sales and New Business Development Director.

Ask anyone at Hop to describe Sharon in three words, and they will likely tell you she's supportive, driven and fun-loving!

When she's not busy winning business and leading the sales, marketing and onboarding teams, you'll find Sharon planning exciting team activities and fun social events, from charity fundraisers, Friday lunchtime quizzes to days out on the town!

We find out a little more, including her favourite thing about being part of the Hop team.

Key Responsibilities at Hop?
I head up the Sales, Marketing and Onboarding teams. This also includes retaining our existing clients and managing the partner relationships both in the UK and overseas, and a whole host of other activities, there are ever enough hours in the day!

What did you do before you came to Hop?
I was a Sales & Marketing Director for a tech employee benefits organization.

What projects are you currently working on?
Growing our reseller partners overseas and in the UK. Working with our Brand Manager to ensure we are promoting our new rebranded Hop anywhere and everywhere, the list is endless.

What do you love about your job?

My days are so varied. No two days are ever the same!

What's your favourite thing about being part of the Hop team?
Everyone works as a team, no matter what their job title. Along with having a good laugh, which is always the best medicine of the day.

What is your favourite podcast, book or series?
It has to be Line of Duty. Sunday nights are no longer the same.

The best hotel you've ever visited or stayed in?
I've been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to visit and stay in many amazing hotels. It's hard to pick just one, so I'll say Browns of Mayfair and Gleneagles for a bit of luxury in the UK, and Animal Kingdom, in Florida as a family hotel.

What will we find you doing at the weekend?
Apart from being a 'Mum taxi', a bit of retail therapy, walking Alfie (my cockapoo that thinks he's human), and drinking gin!

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