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Meet Shama, our Customer Services Manager & Scrum Master

  • Dawn Whittle
  • January 12, 2022
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Our Customer Services Manager & Scrum Master, Shama, shares what he loves most about his role, discusses how Hop resolves the challenges faced by hoteliers and unveils his hidden talent!

What are your role and responsibilities?
My role is very fluid, which I love. I am responsible for our fantastic customer service team and day to day work to improve our support service to deliver the best experience for our customers.

On the other side, I am the scrum master, working to make sure our development framework allows us to continue to make Hop better with a continuous cycle of features and releases.

What was your career journey before you joined Hop?

My career had been hospitality through and through. Since graduating, I have worked in hotels in various management roles. I also did some Media Studies teaching, which happened during a one-year break from hospitality.

What do you enjoy most about your job/love most about Hop?

Being part of a team and management that cultivates a great workplace environment, where individuals are trusted and valued in their input towards our objectives at Hop. There is a uniquely collaborative culture at Hop that I enjoy being a part of.

Are there any exciting new features or projects being worked on or coming up?
Always! We are looking forward to a fantastic development roadmap this year. The whole team is focused on taking our already fantastic PMS to an entire new level. Watch this space!

What, would you say, is the main challenge hoteliers face in 2022, and how can Hop help?
The constantly changing expectations of the customer. I think the level of instability we have faced in the past few years means that every quarter of hospitality, from our software to our people, has changed how customers approach decisions in hospitality.

That is why you want a PMS that adapts to your changing needs now more than ever. A PMS where you can discuss where your business is at and what it now needs. And at Hop, that is what we want. To always be at the technological frontier of adapting to customer needs.

How do you spend your time when you're not in the office?
Always busy! My weekends consist of running sound and live streaming ministry at my local church. In addition, I enjoy football and also motorsport. But right now, my out of work priority is planning my wedding in April!

Who inspires you?
I am a big fan of the ethos of Thomas Edison. His mindset of "I failed my way to success" is very foundational for me and my business principles. I believe the right attitude towards any setback paves the way for future success, even if you can't see it right there and then.

Fill in the blank: My hidden talent is…
Music, I love music and play piano and acoustic guitar. Also, dabble in songwriting and poetry!

Three favourite books or podcasts?
Podcast – I enjoy Eddie Hearn's "No Passion No Point" podcast, and "Long Walk To Freedom" by Nelson Mandela is one of my favourite books. I am currently reading "The Thursday Murder Club" by Richard Osman, a fantastic read.

Best hotel you have ever visited in the world?
In the world, that's difficult to choose! But, in the UK, it's The Gainsborough Bath Spa, it's absolutely beautiful, to say the least.

What are your words of advice for others in your profession?

Always be learning from others. The accumulation of good business sense and becoming a valuable asset in any capacity comes from a proactive attitude towards learning.

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