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Is your hotel website working for you?

Find out about our free website audits and flexible payment terms.

  • Dawn Whittle
  • Published on April 26, 2021

As we look forward to lockdown restrictions being lifted soon, holidaymakers are finding the confidence to start booking hotel rooms and travelling again.

As the hospitality and tourism industry comes back to life, there is a lot to plan and prepare for when welcoming back guests. We understand that budgets are tighter than ever across the hospitality industry, but we're here to help.

HopDigital offers free of charge and no-obligation website and digital marketing audits. If you choose to move ahead with working with us, we also offer flexible payment terms.

Our team of hospitality marketing experts focus on a few factors when auditing your hotel's website, from recognising if it's converting direct bookings, whether your key messaging is right and if it's ranking on search.

Our free website audits include:

Is your hotel website fully responsive?
Your hotel website must be fully accessible on all devices and browsers. The easier it is to access your website, the higher chance of converting users into direct bookings.

Are you using an integrated booking engine?
Making the booking journey as simple as possible is crucial to securing a high rate of direct bookings. The transition from your website to your booking engine should be seamless. In conjunction with Hop Software, we make sure your booking engine features your logo, colours and fonts to instil peace of mind for your guests.

Is your hotel website ranking highly on Google?
Most guests would start their search for a hotel via a search engine, Google, Yahoo or Bing. If your site isn't optimised for search, you simply won't be found.

We audit your SEO and provide recommendations on ensuring your site is ranking high enough and visibility in the competitive online hotel market.

Is your hotel website saying the right things?
Providing your potential guest with all the information they need to base their decision on whether or not to book is crucial.

Available facilities, high-quality imagery, and offering local information are all-important decision-making content that should feature on your hotel website.

Your Call To Actions should also appear clearly and prominently, highlighting where and how your guest can book directly.

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How are your hotel reviews?
Hotel online rankings, guest reviews, social followings and customer service interactions are essential factors in a guest's decision making process these days.

Replying to feedback and enquiries shows guests that your Customer Service is second to none and will encourage them to book directly with you. Sharing great reviews across your social platforms also helps towards building a positive brand reputation.

Are you offering enough 'Book Direct' incentives?
Offering direct booking discounts and incentives will also greatly help to convert direct bookings through your hotel website. A cost-saving, a gift, or an exclusive package are great book direct incentives. Ensure these benefits are communicated clearly throughout your site to encourage guests to hit that 'Book Now' button.

Do you send personalised guest communication to enhance their booking experience?
A reliable property management system will provide you with your guests' data. A personalised and automated email or SMS communication journey should be set in place from pre to post-stay.

Are you targeting your domestic market?
A hotel's 2021 marketing strategy should not leave out a local marketing strategy. Domestic travel will be in more demand over overseas for a while to come.

Guests won't be travelling as far as they would typically. We can help implement a locally targeted ad campaign to ensure you are reaching the relevant audience.

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Do you receive many repeat bookings?
Returning guests want and expect a more personalised and 'VIP' experience. Offering a loyalty program is the ideal solution to achieving this.

Discounts and packages offered exclusively to repeat customers help build a strong relationship and boost direct bookings through your hotel's website.

Speak to us today about how we can develop your hotel's website to help boost direct bookings with our flexible payment plans.