Is your hotel website prepared for the next Google algorithm update?

Does your hotel website offer a great user experience? Google prepares to implement its latest algorithm update.

  • Dawn Whittle
  • Published on June 3, 2021

Does your hotel website offer a great user experience? This question should be at the top of your digital marketing list as Google prepares to implement its latest algorithm update.

Google's latest algorithm change is a significant one, and there a few factors that will need reviewing to ensure your hotel website doesn't lose rank and fall further down the list on their search engine.

Despite Google advising that search rankings won't take effect until the end of August, it is highly recommended that you begin preparations now. If you're unsure where to start, contact our hospitality digital marketing experts at HopDigital, who will audit your website to ensure you are offering the best online experience possible.

Our hotel website audit will include:

Site Speed Testing
Our tech team will run an audit on your hotel website to determine the current speed on desktop and mobile to determine and advise on which updates can be made to optimise your page load time.

Error Resolving and Bug Fixing
Development and server errors, bugs, and broken links have a negative (and frustrating) impact on user experience. Our team will ensure that any old links or removed pages are correctly redirected.

Accessibility Review
Google also assess whether your website is accessible and easy to use for everyone. This may sound daunting but making your hotel website accessible can be achieved with some easy wins. Functionality should be seamless and user-friendly for everyone, not just for users with disabilities and physical impairments. Our web team will audit your website’s content, layout, design, navigation and overall functionality to ensure all users have a positive experience when visiting your website.

Mobile-Friendly Assessment
Google has been prioritising the mobile-first user experience for a while now. If your hotel website isn't responsive across all devices and screen sizes, it's likely to be penalised. Google also considers content layout, such as CTA buttons being too close together, overlapping text, and other issues that may prevent users from finding the information they are searching for.

Site Security Check
Does your hotel website own a security certificate? I.e. does your URL start with HPPT or HTTPS? Your hotel website must have an HTTPS certificate if you are requesting and collecting user's data. Our developers will check your site's security to ensure visitors are browsing your site safely and securely.

These small but significant changes will make a positive difference to your hotel website. Not just from Google's perspective but for potential guests, helping to convert direct bookings too!

Please speak to the HopDigital team to find how we can help.