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Hop Partners with Hotel Cloud

  • Dawn Whittle
  • June 23, 2021
  • Partners

We are delighted to partner with Hotel Cloud, the first and only solution to combine revenue and marketing management.

Hotel Cloud collates hundreds of data sources and combines them with cutting edge machine learning, presenting you the optimum rates and marketing opportunities for any moment in time. To gain the insights you need and increase your RevPAR.

Key Benefits

Analytics: A complete view of your property’s performance

- Understand all the facts about your properties in real-time

- Easily compare multiple properties on a single screen

- Group data by region or brand to gain better insights into recovery patterns

- All KPIs in one place, STR integration, competitor rate tracking

Intelligence: Giving you the perfect rate at the perfect time

- Industry-leading demand predictions and hotel rate optimisations: Maximising your Revenue and RevPAR

- Advanced forecasting using the power of big data: Your booking data, COVID data, flight searches, competitor rates, events, holidays, weather, footfall data, web searches

- Increased accuracy for airport hotels and major cities

Connect: Reach your customers and build loyalty

- Tap into the Rich Guest Data hidden in your PMS

- Build highly targeted and segmented e-mail newsletters

- Increase loyalty and take advantage of upsell opportunities

- Advanced automated e-mail capabilities

- See the complete picture, from customer to booking to analytics

Demand: The complete picture of your market

- Hotel Ads account for 12% of hotel sales: An influencing factor in 65% of bookings (Roiback 2018) Hotel Cloud is the only solution to integrate Revenue Management with Direct Marketing

- Targets need dates and dynamically increase marketing spend

- Increase your Revenue through Rate and Marketing

For further information and to book a no-obligation online demo, get in touch at