multi-property management system

Hop launches multi-property management system.

  • Dawn Whittle
  • June 2, 2021
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Explicitly developed for hotel chains and groups to make their lives easier. The Hop Multi-Property Management System enables hotels to manage multiple properties from an all-in-one reliable and straightforward cloud-based system.

Key features and benefits include multi-user logins, multi-management of reservations, inventory distribution, rates, revenue and reporting and much more.


External reservation teams can also help guests plan their stay by 'Point of Interest' location search by searching for properties based on nearby highlights, attractions, and landmarks.

The robust and reliable CRM feature stores multiple property guest data in one place and segments corporate from individual guests for ease of planning and personalising your marketing communications.

The Hop Multi-Property Management System also integrates with multiple payment gateways providing hotel groups or chains to choose which one they'd like to process payments with.

"We are incredibly excited to have launched this much-anticipated and eagerly awaited Hop feature. At a time of significant growth and expansion for the company, this feature launch means we can now provide global hotel groups and chains with all of the benefits that come from using Hop Property Management System."

Sharon Smith, Sales and New Business Development Director, Hop Software.

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