Central Reservation System


Save time managing customers and reservations

Manage all your reservations in one place with HOP’s central reservation system (CRS). With hotel distribution becoming more and more complex with a wide variety of different channels through which your guests can book, ensuring your CRS is reliable and delivers the information you need about each reservation is of vital importance.

HOP is cloud-based meaning that as an operator, you can access this anywhere, even when you are not at the hotel. The team behind HOP are hoteliers meaning that they know first-hand, what General Managers and hotel owners need from a central reservation system. The system has been built to be as simple and straight-forward to manage, no matter your level of experience or knowledge in working with these types of platforms.

What’s more, HOP is affordably priced with a variety of options depending on the size of your property. For just a small monthly fee, your property can benefit from the power of HOP’s central reservation system and our other tools, all designed to make the hoteliers job easier and to maximise your occupancy and revenue.

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