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2020 has been a roller coaster of a ride for the hospitality industry as a whole and now more than ever hotels are looking at cost saving rather than investing. However, investing in a PMS now will help future proof your business by saving costs and improving efficiencies. With all that said hoteliers are still nervous when onboarding a new system, but we want to show you just how easy our onboarding team makes it for you.

Selecting the right PMS for your business comes down to several different variables such as product features, however, one aspect that we see is regularly neglected is the culture and organisational fit. Hop ensure we handhold every client from start to finish, ensuring each staff member is fully integrated with the system and its features, after all the PMS is the central cog in your business!

The onboarding process is always seen to be a long-winded process, however here at Hop we recognise the value of your time and that is why we ensure our onboarding process is finitely project managed with open communication between our team and our client. As such, we look to onboard all our customers within 30 days. We know it takes two to tango and that’s why we have found that understanding our client’s individual needs helps speed up the implementation process. The hotel staff knows their hotel inside and out by assessing each project and hotel individually, we can set-up the PMS in the way that best suits our client needs.

Ingredients for a successful onboarding process

In order to hit the 30-day turnaround, there are three key elements which are required to make the onboarding process as smooth and slick as possible.

  1. Project Management

Implementing a new PMS system can be a very interchangeable process as we find exactly how to make our PMS work for you. That is why we appoint a dedicated Onboarding Specialist to help you with every step of your PMS journey. For the project to be even more successful it is important the client also appoints a Project Manager, this will help ensure the project stays on track.

  1. Training

We cannot stress enough the importance of training; one wrong click could cost you money. When navigating a new system, the best way to learn is being trained via the onboarding team and practice, practice, practice. After training is completed on our Hop hotel platform (virtual demo environment), clients also have access to Hop Academy, a dedicated area within the platform that helps our clients continue to develop their knowledge about Hop and become a competent user on the platform.

  1. Dedication

It goes without saying a successful project only works if you have everyone on board. We cannot stress enough, no matter what point on the journey your staff are involved with implementing a new PMS system, it is important internal communication is consistently delivered to all staff throughout the onboarding process.

On-site versus Online

Covid-19 has changed the way many of us operate with online meetings to interactive events, it is no surprise technology has become more paramount than ever. Even before the pandemic much of our onboarding and training sessions took place online, making it faster, cheaper and more flexible for our clients.

Day in the Life of a Hop Onboarder

You may have already met our Melissa from last month’s team spotlight, day to day she manages our clients onboarding process and here is how she does it:

Initial 2 Day’s

Introductory call with the client to agree project milestones and set out expectations. The client is set-up and introduced to their PMS environment.

Initial 2 weeks

Configuration of the system and initial training sessions outlining the set-up process and walking you through Hop Connect. Calls will be scheduled throughout this period to ensure the project milestones are being hit.

We will also introduce you and your staff to Hop Academy, which will walk you through every aspect of the system. Staff can put into practice what they have learnt by using our Hop demo environment, removing any room for errors on your live system.

Week 3

The third week will involve all the hotel staff using the PMS. Our onboarding team will train them on all elements of the system as well as providing a Q&A session for any questions not answered during the training sessions.

Finally, week 4

This is your Go live week! On your go-live day, you will be able to carry out a reservation import, connect any OTAs you are currently using, turn on your channel manager and start implementing check-ins and checkouts via the system.

Don’t think you are all alone at this point, our onboarding team are still very much by your side and will be ready to help with any issues or problems you may experience. After you’ve had a great first week using Hop PMS you will then be introduced to our 24/7 support team who will continue to make your Hop transition as smooth as possible.

Who’s, who?

We release this process is hard enough without complicating it even more by passing you from person to person, that’s why we have made our onboarding process as simple as possible, providing you with dedicate project team members who will be with you every step of the way.

  • Hop Onboarding Specialist
  • Client-side Project Manager

Hop On-board

If that all sounds like a piece of cake and not as scary as you thought, why not jump on-board with Hop today? Book an online demo with one of our team members to see how we can help you save money.

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