How To Become A Front Desk Receptionist At A 5 Star Hotel

Making sure you have the right training, experience and key skills are some of the attributes 5 star hotels look for when considering a front desk receptionist.


A 5 star front desk receptionist must have certain characteristics and efficiency that will echo the establishment’s high standards. During an interview the General Manager will be on the lookout for that fusion of warmth, charm and poise that will reflect their prestige hotel.


The essence of a good front desk receptionist is professionalism. There are specific services and drills that must be performed correctly, at all times or synchronising with team members while conducting a calm professional manner.

Organisational Skills

Being organised is a key skill the hotel will look for. Knowing where to find documents, files or phone numbers that the General Manager, co-workers and guest may need is important. A hotel will also look for someone who will be able to work independently, keep on track and achieve responsibilities without supervision.

Technology Skills

Brush up on the latest Office technology, a 5 star front desk receptionist must be able to operate a variety of equipment and systems such as a hotel property management system. Receptionists who also know spreadsheet, desktop publishing or other hospitality software such as Property Management, Revenue management, booking engine, channel management and EPOS integration have additional skills that are in demand.

Examples Of Interview Questions

These are some examples of the type of questions you may be asked to ensure you are truly capable.

  1. What do you think makes a good front desk receptionist?
  2. How would you handle a guest that is rude to you or angry?
  3. What would you do if a room is double booked and both guests arrive at the same time?
  4. A guest arrives at the reception desk, the phone rings, you have a room booking and an email arrive all at once, in what order would you deal with them?

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