How one of the Smartest Property Management Systems on the Market was Born

It’s National Story Telling Week. We’re celebrating by telling our story of how our powerful, reliable and now one of the smartest Property Management Systems, was born.

Hop Software’s CEO, Jon Erasmus, takes five minutes to tell us where the vision for building our Property Management System came from and how Hop was officially launched into the market.

Developing a Hospitality Property Management System From Scratch

“I came into hospitality in the early noughties after building a successful career in the IT sector, primarily managing projects for large established financial institutions.

As the portfolio of businesses in Scotland grew so did the frustration of dealing with software applications and companies. These companies were almost all overpriced and obscurely dysfunctional. Faceless entities with an absolute disregard for the customer. Given that customer service is essentially what everyone in the hospitality service is striving for, this struck me as deeply ironic – why would software providers not offer owners, managers, and users the same level of service we all try to provide our own customers every day?”

From a Piece of Paper to a World-Class Property Management System

“I also found the Property Management System software available on the market to be clumsy, counter-intuitive and misaligned with the basic processes of running the day to day business. With this in mind, in mid-2016, I sat down with my two business partners, Richard Drummond and Ronald Tweedie, and a blank piece of paper.

We wrote down our vision for what a hospitality company should aspire to be and what the Property Management System software should do. Simply put, our goal was to provide the broadest range of hospitality software for the lowest possible price.

The software had to be designed putting best business principles first, it had to be intuitive, add value and save time. We had to be empathetic towards our customers, provide real customer service and ultimately create a community of users.”

Launching our PMS into a Competitive Market

“The Hop team has developed an all-in-one Property Management System specifically for all types of hospitality businesses, ranging from hotel chains, groups, independent hotels, multi properties, universities, serviced apartments, hostels and much more.

Today, we have over twenty-five staff working at our head office in Cheshire. We are putting a new customer live almost every other day!  We are continually writing, expanding and improving our software. We believe we offer the widest functionality of any Hospitality Platform for the lowest possible price and are always striving to improve our customer service.

The Hop community is well and truly established and we are looking forward to an incredible future with our customers. We would love you to join our Hop family.”

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