Hospitality Predictions for 2021

2020 will be marked in history as the year that majorly disrupted the travel and hospitality industries.

As hospitality businesses eagerly await the announcement of being allowed to open up again, a few important factors will need to be considered first.

Here are a few of our hospitality predictions for 2021

Contactless Tools
Providing a touchless guest experience has become crucial since COVID-19 made the industry aware of potential risks associated with physical touchpoints. 

While touchless tech has been developing for a few years, hotels are now immediately required to offer remote check-ins, digital room keys and contactless room service. This new demand is rising as hoteliers need to eliminate the risk for guests and staff.

Health and Safety
Communicating a new level of health and safety assurance to guests is essential. Assessing all onsite facilities, including rooms, bar areas, restaurants, and outdoor spaces, will be vital to your customers’ health and safety. 

While Heath and Saftey shouldn’t necessarily be your leading message, it’s vital to be precise in communicating the cleanliness and hygiene standards that are in place.

Loyalty Programs
Guests returning to your hotel want and expect a personalised ‘VIP’ experience. Offering a loyalty program is the ideal solution to achieve this.

Discounts and packages offered exclusively to returning guests help build a strong relationship and boost direct bookings through your hotel’s website.

Offering flexible rates and cancellation policies without penalties, to guests who have booked directly but had their trip scuppered by COVID-19, will give you a competitive edge. 

Longer Stays
Tui reported that average holiday prices are up 20%, as holidaymakers spend more in more significant numbers. Travellers are now catching up and willing to pay more for extended holidays in more luxurious locations.

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