Hop’s Top Tips for Working from Home

As COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives, Team Hop are working remotely and diligently from home. We are also taking this time to think about how we can help our hospitality clients through this unsettling situation.

We asked, listened, took feedback on-board and launched Hop Shop this week. A brand new Hop feature that enables hospitality businesses to serve their local customers, by selling food and drink and offer safe collection or delivery time slots.

Hop Shop is available to any hospitality business looking to offer a click, collect or delivery service. Plus it’s completely free of charge! It’s also simple to get set up, find more information and steps on how to get started here.

Top Tips for Working from Home

Due to the nature of our business, we are fortunate enough to be able to work from home. Our team and clients are connected and regularly in touch via instant messaging, conference and video calls.

So, how do Team Hop stay motivated and productive while on lockdown? We asked a few of our team members to share their top tips for keeping our spirits lifted and production levels high.

“We have a tremendous sociable team with all departments getting involved in regular team-building activities and nights out. We want to keep the team spirit going while working remotely. Last week we held a virtual bake-off where everyone got creative in the kitchen and sent in photos of their amazing bakes and cakes! This week, we’re sharing photos of our ‘little furry helpers’ and sharing a laugh over our cats sitting on laptops and our dogs participating on video calls!”
Sharon Smith, Sales and New Business Development Director

“I find staying hydrated and taking regular breaks throughout the day helps me to stay alert and motivated. Taking advantage of the one walk a day to get some fresh air is also really important!” Owen Lewis, Digital Marketing Executive

“I’ve set up a great and comfortable working environment for myself at home and play music to keep me going. Our dev team has daily scrums to touch base and keep the workflow efficient. Dressing up for work helps, along with organising my day ahead and giving myself regular coffee breaks.”
Lamin Singhateh, Full Stack Developer

“Since lockdown, I have got more into exercising and have been doing online HIIT workouts with my PT before I start work in the mornings. She has really helped me, and I actually enjoy exercise now, it helps me to stay motivated all day. I also find cooking in the evening an excellent way to wind down.”
Melissa Harbridge, Onboarding and Training Executive

“My top tips for working from home are;
1. Work while standing. This will help alleviate lower back or hip pain and promote better health. But this doesn’t mean you should just stand all day.
2. Take walking meetings when you can: If you have a phone call that you don’t need to be in front of a computer to take, pick up your Bluetooth headphones and get outside. It’s great for your muscles, your heart, your happiness and your overall well-being.
3. Have fun with your colleagues: Just like in a real office environment, try and joke with your colleagues, send them things they can laugh about, talk about kids, funny moment etc.
4. Feeling hungry can be deceiving: Often when working from home, after finishing a long call, you head to the fridge for a snack. However, you are not hungry, in most cases you are just thirsty! So have a water bottle next to you and keep drinking all day. This will cut unnecessary snacking and weight gain.”
Jude Kadhim, Head of Marketing

We would also like to thank the NHS and express our unlimited gratitude, to all of the Key Workers, who are continuing to carry out their daily roles during this unsettling time.