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“The HopDigital team transformed our brand and delivered our new website. The brand is stunning, and our website is clean, fresh and easy to navigate, with a seamless design that links to booking directly.”
Seaforth Restaurant - Scotland


Some of our best…

We have the privilege of working with exceptional people, properties and places... Have a little browse, and see what we've done. Some websites, brands, and designs are just a small selection of the many awesome projects we've delivered.


Poole Quay

The Poole Quay Hotel came to us needing a quick turnaround website... But we didn't let speed affect the end product! We delivered one of our best... in double quick speed!

Incredible surroundings warranted sufficient space on the website, and each page has beautiful images instantly available in the header, matched with poetically crafted content.

The Seaforth

A stunning restaurant on the NC500; The Seaforth came to us for a website - they left with an incredible brand that captured the zeitgeist of their historic, picturesque backstory... and a stunning website too!

The website is a balanced mix of 'Seafood Shack' and 'Fine Dining'... much like their food! It's an awesome restaurant in a breathtaking location place. Their website ain't half bad too!


This vibrant and bubbly hotel, bar and restaurant needed a vibey website that matched their character. A classy, modern website which nods to its heritage.

Owned by a former head chef, the food at McKays is awesome, and the pride in its plating of food is matched across the property! Images are given plenty of equity on this site... and rightly so!

Neem Consulting

Neem Consulting came to us when they recognised that their success was outgrowing thier brand.

We ran workshops with directors, clients, and staff to help us capture the real essence of the company in order to truly define their key mission, vision and values... then we started work on what that looked like. Their logo, a custom font built from a series of building blocks, visually represents the serrated leaf of the Neem tree.

The Seaforth

A stunning restaurant on the NC500; The Seaforth came to us for a website - they left with an incredible brand that captured the zeitgeist of their historic, picturesque backstory... and a stunning website too!

They didn't ask us for the re-brand, so we gave them it FOC! When our Creative Director fell in love with the property he felt it warranted a brand that reflected it. So much so he spent his own time to give them what they needed... not just what they wanted!

The Boat

The Boat brand development wasn't about their logo.

Just a few subtle tweaks was enough in that respect... what they needed was a wider brand refinement that involved us defining colours, tone of voice, design templates and in particular, introducing the use of real wood that weaves narrative through the touch-points of their brand.


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More routes to awesome

Our mission is to support our clients with products that free management and staff from daily hassles, simplifying problems to make operations seamless. So let’s explore what we can do to help you thrive and drive.

Property Management System

Less stress with the Hop PMS; an all-in-one, cloud-based system that's easy to use and, better still, affordable! What a mix...

Our PMS will significantly improve revenue by increasing direct bookings, reducing time spent on that boring admin and making your guest’s the number one priority.

Payment Gateway

The secure payment gateway that provides the best rates and saves you money. It just makes sense!

Integrated with your HopPMS, our payment solution will reduce costs by cutting additional fees. No monthly fees. No minimum transaction. No contracts. No PCI management fees.

Bespoke App

A hassle-free, contactless experience for all your guests that will instantly save time and boost your ROI!

A customisable, bespoke branded hotel app that provides an exceptional experience for guests. Accept direct bookings and secure payments, facilitate ordering food and drinks and allow immediate table bookings.


Get brand savvy with our digital gurus! We can sky rocket your digital presence and drive traffic to the heart of your organisation!