Hop Academy

Your complete user guide to Hop PMS

What is Hop Academy?

Hop Academy has been designed to make your Hop PMS on-boarding and training experience as easy and user-friendly as possible.

Hop Academy will teach you everything you need to know, to navigate your way around Hop PMS.

How it works

Training is set by the user role you are given. Hop Management can assign other bundles if required. You will find all of your Hop training articles and videos in the ‘My Training’ area of your PMS.

Simply work your way through each document and once they all turn green, you have completed your Hop Academy training!

New Content

Training Articles and Videos can be accessed via My Training and are highlighted as red documents.

Read Content

Click on Read Article, this will open in a new tab. Once read, close the tab and click Mark as Read, this will update the article to completed.

Updated Content

When articles are updated they will change from Completed to New Content, alerting you to updates and to read and mark the article as read.

Once all items are marked as read, you are a fully-fledged Hop user!

Content will be regularly updated in line with new feature releases. Articles and videos will change back to red indicating that new content needs to be completed. Notifications will be sent when an item is updated and our 24/7 Support team will be on hand to remind you to complete any updated items.

Managers under training status will be able to see where all staff are up to and this can be downloaded as a CSV. This is where the notifications will be managed so they can send a notification to a staff member who has outstanding items to complete, they will then receive an email with a list of all incomplete items.


If you need to upskill, for example take on Events Management, a Manager can assign the event bundle to the user for them to work through and complete, this can be found in ‘Manage Content’.

Staff Training

Should any new staff need to be trained on how to use Hop PMS, then they too can simply work their way through the Hop Academy articles until they too, are a fully fledged Hop user.

Find out more

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