The Revelstoke Hotel and East Coast Golf Course

Revelstoke Hotel and East Coast Golf Course Website Development

The Revelstoke Hotel is located in the heart of Bridlington, a small coastal town on the Holderness Coast of the North Sea. Situated 24 miles north of Hull and close to Britain’s first seaside resort Scarborough, The Revelstoke Hotel is the perfect base for a golfing holiday or Yorkshire breaks.

Since 1977, two generations of the Vodden family from South Yorkshire have run and cherished The Revelstoke Hotel. Their menus use only the finest locally sourced produce from Yorkshire.

HopDigital was selected to design and develop the East Yorkshire hotel and the golf course websites to drive more direct bookings, which reduces the commission paid to online travel agents.

The website also needed to showcase the hotel’s facilities better, including their food and drink, wedding and function services. Therefore, a social media feed and downloadable brochure were also set up on the new website.

The East Coast Golf Course website was designed to promote the hotel’s selection of courses along the stunning east coast, where players can enjoy the glorious situation of holes on the Scarborough South Cliff.

The Revelstoke Hotel website is seamlessly integrated with HopPMS.

The Revelstoke Hotel
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