Q&A with Muhammed Tariq, CEO of Gateway Apartments

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Muhammed Tariq, CEO of Gateway Apartments, and our newest client, to find out more about his role with the company and why he changed to HOP for his property management system.

  1. Can you please introduce yourself and talk to us about your job? I am Muhammed Tariq CEO of Gateway Apartments and my main job role to develop the business and open new aparthotel locations around the UK.

  2. Tell us about where you work. What makes the business unique? I am primarily based in Manchester where I monitor all four of our locations. All of our properties are apartments and provide a one-to-one, hands-on service for our guests.

  3. What is your biggest challenge working in your role? My role demands my focus on many different things. As CEO, I am responsible for developing the business, creating a sustainable work structure, managing employees and the ongoing maintenance of the properties, etc.

  4. How many systems were you and the team using to manage revenue and the property? Three and a spreadsheet!!

  5. What is it that attracted you to HOP in the first place? The main things were the e-signatures for guests checking in and HOP’s payment gateway.

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