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Enhance your guest experience with a Bespoke App with contactless check-in capabilities.

Our bespoke hotel app delivers a seamless, contactless experience that guests will love. The benefits of hospitality mobile app are many, giving visitors access to everything they need for a memorable stay. But that’s not all, it also opens the door to new revenue streams for your hotel through upselling, in-stay spending opportunities and a boost in direct bookings. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your hotel’s guest experience to new heights with our innovative hospitality management system.

The Best Bits

Take your hotel guest experience to the next level, save time and boost ROI with key features:


Drive commission-free, direct bookings with HopApp’s integrated booking engine, enhancing the guest experience.


Easy ordering and simple, quick payments, whether at tables in your restaurant, room service, or takeaway.


Payments are taken via the app for all services, from direct bookings to food & drink orders.


With access to the App, guests can check in and out without fuss. Simple for both you and your guests throughout their experience.


Allows your guests to book and manage table reservations easily, giving your staff time to prioritise the guest over admin!


Give your guests access to an app that’s bespoke and branded with your property logo and name.

But Why Bother?

Enhance your guests’ experience with our bespoke hotel app tailored specifically for your establishment. This hospitality mobile app not only streamlines the promotion of your hotel, restaurant, and spa services but also simplifies the booking process. With this app, guests can effortlessly upgrade their rooms, order food and drink, and seamlessly place orders with the convenience of secure, direct payment options right at their fingertips.

Furthermore, our app for hotels extends beyond the typical conveniences. It’s integrated with your Property Management System, allowing guests to explore attractions around them, navigate with ease, and obtain essential transport information. With the added benefit of receiving instant updates on the latest happenings and essential news, your guests will enjoy the ease and efficiency they desire. Adopt our bespoke booking app today to provide unmatched convenience for your guests and significantly increase your hotel’s revenue.

Your Hop hotel-branded app takes your customer service to the next level by integrating with table booking providers like ResDiary and SevenRooms, along with our PMS door locks, enabling guests to check in contactless via the app, use a mobile key to enter their room, and request room service at the touch of a button.

But that’s not all; it allows you to create personalised experiences for your guests pre, during and post-stay, encouraging direct bookings and reducing commission paid to OTAs. With such powerful features, it’s no surprise that Richard Drummond, Owner of McKays Hotel in Pitlochry, Scotland, said, “Since we started using the app, our direct bookings have gone from 20% to over 50%.”

You can also improve operational efficiency by saving hours spent on manual admin, freeing up staff and automating tasks such as check-in and out to improve the guest experience. A hotel-branded app also enables your hotel to become a more environmentally friendly business by reducing the amount of paper used yearly.

    “Since we started using the app our direct bookings have gone up from 20% to 50%”

    McKays Hotel, Scotland


    If you've got questions not answered below, please drop us a line! We've got a brilliant team ready to chat; they're a friendly bunch and genuinely want to help.

    Yes, it is. The app is fully integrated with the Hop Property Management System, allowing you to manage the app and data from one central location. By linking the PMS and App, you can take the guest experience to a new level with better data, personalised messaging, and enhanced revenue opportunities.

    No, there aren’t. The monthly app fee is all you need to pay. Any reservations made through the app in your booking engine are commission-free, boosting your direct bookings and saving you on commission expenses. Our goal is to help you increase your direct revenue through the app. Integrating it lets you see how we can enhance your organisation’s targets.

    Yes, it does. We take pride in developing the app the same way we do our PMS. You can manage all your properties from a single platform on the PMS, and the same applies to the app – you can link all your properties to our multi-property app. This will create a central hub, enhancing your accessibility and property visibility and creating unique selling and marketing opportunities for you to take advantage of.

    Yes, you can. We’ve designed the app to work just like our PMS. You can manage all your properties from a single platform on the PMS, and the same applies to the app – you can link all your properties to our multi-property app. This creates a central hub that enhances accessibility, boosts property visibility, and creates unique selling and marketing opportunities for you to capitalise on.

    Hassle-free Hospitality Management Software

    Our mission is to support our clients by offering Hospitality Management System solutions that liberate management and staff from everyday hassles. We aim to simplify complexities, ensuring a smoother operation with our hotel software. Let’s delve into how Hop Software can empower you to flourish and propel your business forward.

    property management system dashboard displayed on a tablet computer

    Property Management System

    Less stress with the Hop PMS; an all-in-one, cloud-based system that’s easy to use and, better still, affordable! What a mix…

    Hop PMS will significantly improve revenue by increasing direct bookings, reducing time spent on that boring admin and making your guest’s the number one priority.

    payment gateway

    Payment Gateway

    The secure payment gateway that provides the best rates and saves you money. It just makes sense!

    Integrated with your Hop PMS, our payment solution will reduce costs by cutting additional fees. No monthly fees. No minimum transaction. No contracts. No PCI management fees.

    gift voucher solution

    Gift Voucher Solution

    Step into the World of Gifting: Your One-Stop Shop for Bespoke Gift Vouchers – Treat your guests to seamless, personalised voucher-buying.

    With our gift voucher solution, you can create customised vouchers for all your excellent offerings, from spa days to champagne brunches all integrated seamlessly with Hop PMS.


    Implement the HopApp to reach higher goals by using a seamless, bespoke app that will generate increased revenue!

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