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Our Hospitality Management Software provides top-notch features whilst being significantly more affordable than other providers.

Hospitality Management Software

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McKays Hotel

Celine McGowan – Manager

Atholl Arms

Leila Balogh – Marketing Manager


Marina Hugget – Chairwoman

Woodlands Glencoe

Laurence Young – Chairman

Hassle-free Hospitality Management Software

Our mission is to support our clients by offering Hospitality Management System solutions that liberate management and staff from everyday hassles. We aim to simplify complexities, ensuring a smoother operation with our hotel software. Let’s delve into how Hop can empower you to flourish and propel your business forward.

property management system dashboard displayed on a tablet computer

Property Management System

Less stress with the Hop PMS; an all-in-one, cloud-based system that’s easy to use and, better still, affordable! What a mix…

Hop PMS will significantly improve revenue by increasing direct bookings, reducing time spent on that boring admin and making your guest’s the number one priority.

payment gateway

Payment Gateway

The secure payment gateway that provides the best rates and saves you money. It just makes sense!

Integrated with your Hop PMS, our payment solution will reduce costs by cutting additional fees. No monthly fees. No minimum transaction. No contracts. No PCI management fees.

gift voucher solution

Gift Voucher Solution

Step into the World of Gifting: Your One-Stop Shop for Bespoke Gift Vouchers – Treat your guests to seamless, personalised voucher-buying.

With our gift voucher solution, you can create customised vouchers for all your excellent offerings, from spa days to champagne brunches all integrated seamlessly with Hop PMS.

Bespoke App For Hotels - Hop Software

Bespoke App

A hassle-free, contactless experience for all your guests that will instantly save time and boost your ROI!

A customisable, bespoke branded hotel app that provides an exceptional experience for guests. Accept direct bookings and secure payments, facilitate ordering food and drinks and allow immediate table bookings.

bespoke websites viewed on a tablet computer and a smartphone


We design and develop hospitality websites that offer value for money, and deliver outstanding results .

Not in the hospitality industry? Our expert team can deliver a website for most businesses. Talk to us today about your specific requirements and we’ll craft you a website that delivers! We offer bespoke and flexible template options to suit your budget too.

Fast, Simple & Cost Effective Hospitality Management Software

Discover the speed and simplicity of our Cloud-Based Hospitality Management Software, the Hop PMS. As we demonstrate the efficiency of our Hotel Management Platform, we’ll explore how it can reduce costs, increase direct reservations through our Hotel Channel Manager, and enhance the overall operations for your staff and clientele with our advanced Hospitality Management Software.


If you've got questions about Hop that are not answered below, please drop us a line! We've got a brilliant team ready to chat; they're friendly and genuinely want to help.

Hop can streamline all aspects of your property management, including front office operations, guest management, sales, and planning. With advanced technology, you can easily keep track of rates, promotions, bookings, and maintenance schedules. In addition, our PMS can serve as the backbone of your operations, making it easier for you to coordinate everything in one place. We are the PMS that gives you everything you need!

Implementing Hop can provide numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, direct bookings, brand awareness, time-saving, and increased revenue. Hop offers a range of solutions, including a Property Management System, payment solutions, a customisable app, and a whole suite of integrated hospitality software, to help your property succeed.

Getting started with Hop is easy. First, let our team know what you need and your expectations, and we will provide a demo and suggestions for how Hop can assist you in achieving your goals. Then, once you give us the green light, your journey with Hop begins!

Hop is designed to meet the needs of various properties, including B&Bs, guest houses, independent hotels, hotel groups, and chains worldwide. We can customise our PMS to fit your needs and help you improve your team’s productivity and increase revenue whether you manage Hotels, Lodges, Co-Living Spaces, Social Housing, B&B, Campsites, Caravan Park, Hotel Groups, Hotel Chains, Student Accommodation, Guest Houses, or Self-Accommodation. Hop has a solution to help you achieve your goals.

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